Norman Dinolfo

Obituary of Norman Dinolfo

Norman O. Dinolfo.


Rochester - Passed away peacefully on May 9, 2018. At age 86. Predeceased by his parents, Catherine & Vincent Dinolfo; brother & sister- in -law, Pat & Evelyn Dinolfo; son, Thomas Dinolfo. Norm is survived by his loving wife, Dolores of 62 years; children, Vincent Dinolfo, Valerie (Tom) Redmond, Cara (Todd) Stephany; grandchildren, Tom (Christie) Redmond, Shara (Hugh) Chish­olm, Stephanie Redmond, John (Amy Pribulick) Redmond, Michael (Bridget) Redmond, Chris­tine (Taylor) Dutton, Anthony Dinolfo, Nicholas Dinolfo, Andrea Dinolfo, Leeann (Gary) Jacobs, Mike (Heather Eierman) Stephany, 9 great grand­children; brother & sister- in-law, Bob & Vivian Barone; many nieces, nephews, cousins and many life long friends. For more information please visit


Norm's visitation will be Saturday, May 19th 1-4 PM at the funeral home, 1411 Vintage Lane (between 390 and Long Pond). Norm’s celebration of life will follow at 4 PM. Interment at the convenience of the family. In lieu of flowers those wishing may direct memorials to Hope Hall, 1612 Buffalo Road, Rochester NY 14624 in Norm’s memory. Norm proudly served in the U.S. Army during the Korean conflict.


Norman O. Dinolfo was born March 15, 1932 in Rochester NY. His parents, Vincent & Catherine raised Norm and his brother Pat at their home on Glenwood Ave. in the city of Rochester.

During Norm’s grade school year’s, he enjoyed running track and he always looked forward to family gatherings. During this time glimpses of Norm’s strong willed, personality started to come through.

One story is still easily recalled by Norm’s family today.  His mom, Catherine had prepared the family custard pudding. After a long stand off with Norm still at the dinner table refusing to eat it, his dad, Vincent came home after a long day at work. Vincent immediately took the custard and threw it into the adjacent empty lot next to their home; dish and all. Some have suggested this began Norm’s “STUBBORN with capital letters persona,” I suppose we can defer to those reading this whether that is true!

Norm attended John Marshall High School. It was during this time that he began to like music. He took interest in the Trombone, and he started taking lessons. His passion for music didn’t end in high school, he eventually took lessons at the Eastman Theatre and was a member of Joe Nolan’s Band.

After Norm graduated from John Marshall he went on to attend RBI where he attained his Business Degree. This degree would end up serving Norm extremely well in all his eventual business endeavors.

Norm served his country valiantly during the Korean Conflict. He often joked to anyone willing to listen that the enemy “feared Norm” and upon his arrival the conflict ended, Norm's adult sense of humor was now taking hold!

Back in the 50’s soda shops were the place to be. High School kids found their way there to socialize & have fun. Dolores & Norm were no different, their chance meeting at the Sugar Bowl on Dewey Avenue began a love affair that would last the rest of their lives. They were married in 1956 at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Flower City Parkway.

Norm & Dolores’ family grew. They went on to have four children, Vincent, Val, Tom & Cara. The next generation included 11 grandchildren and finally his cherished 8 ½ great-grandchildren.

Family was central to everything that mattered most to Norm. He and brother, Pat were inseparable.  As such, theirs was an extended family that did most everything together. Dolores, Norm, Pat & Evelyn were always spending time together. Included in those times were brother-in-law & sister-in-law Bob & Vivian Barone. It goes to say, that all the nieces and nephews were more like brothers, sisters and best friends.

Norm always bragged about the best moments in his life being that of his marriage to Dolores and the birth of their 4 children. His sense of family and history drove him to taking many, happy family vacations.

His career had him on the go all the time. He was an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word.

For most of his career he was a Prudential Insurance Agent. Before he left Prudential it became time to close out his books. His honesty, integrity and attention to detail found him spending two weeks to find a .09 cent error. He eventually found the error, and this may be one of those moments to remind us of his STUBBORN personality again!

Being an agent wasn’t enough for Norm. He also served Rustic Village as its Property Manager for many years. He and his brother Pat, owned a Carvel Ice Cream Shop, Rubinos’ and a TCBY ice cream shop.

Norm had a soft side to him. It wasn’t unusual for him to bring home chickens, rabbits, ducks or dogs. Of course, we all know this “was for the kids ” not his. Of all the pets they had at home, the family dog Pepper was his favorite. Every night after closing the Carvel Store Norm would bring home a quart of ice cream for himself and a dish for Pepper.

Norm’s love of Dolores found him teaching himself to play Til The end of Time on the piano for her to enjoy.

Sports were a big part of Norm’s life! He was a fan of any sport that had the name Syracuse University in it. He was a fan of the Rochester Lancers, NY Yankees and the Cleveland Browns.

Norm enjoyed bowling and working in his yard. His yard was always pristine in its appearance.

In his free time, he enjoyed listening to music that included, Til The End of Time, Ice Castles and Vic Damone. He and De still went to listen to big band music. Books that caught his attention were those of a spiritual nature. His TV included watching the news and daily updates of his favorite sports teams.

Norm will be remembered as a man who was: honest, hardworking, loyal, dependable, generous, loving, caring, honorable, kind and strong willed. He was a renaissance man in the truest since of the word, to know him was to love him, he will be sadly missed!