Gail Palluconi

Obituary of Gail A. Palluconi

Gail A. (Charvella) Palluconi

HILTON - May 10, 2020. Gail is survived by her husband. Maurizio Palluconi; children, Igino (Susan) Palluconi, Stefan (Angela) Palluconi & Marisa (Angelo) Mercone; grandchildren, Meghan (Adam) Rodenhouse, Joseph Palluconi, Alexandra Palluconi, Michael Palluconi & Peter Mercone; brother, David (Carol) Charvella; several nieces, nephews, cousins and dear friends.

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Gail’s entombment in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery was private. Future services to be announced at an appropriate time. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to Breast Cancer Coalition, 840 University Ave., Rochester, NY 14607 in Gail’s memory.

Gail’s Life Story Collection


She took yearly trips to Lake George with multiple family members. During one of these trips playing jumping from rocks to rocks yelling Geronimo she as a regular sleep walker, during the night jumped from her cot to another cot yelling Geronimo where her aunt Ida was sleeping near a glass window. No injury but scared every one in the room.


Worked at a TV repair store during the time that President John Kennedy came through Rochester right in front of the store, she always remember that occasion.

Worked at school #28 as a teacher’s aide where Gino and Stefan went to school.

Worked in the photo lab at Wegmans, on Long Pond and Latta road, for approximately nine years.

Established a ceramic studio, Country Side Ceramics, in the basement of our house teaching clients the process of painting molded ceramic items, molding ceramic items, firing them in a kiln per students request, etc.

Finally her last work involved teaching ceramic painting at Hilton East Assisted Living in Hilton NY for approximately ten years or more. This was the work that she loved the most and loved the many friends that took her ceramic shop, people that live there and also work there.


Gail loved her family especially during the holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, family picnics etc. She would put together her sauce in the biggest pot we have some of which would have to be frozen because she made too much, a habit for any food she made. Of course there where the pies to make; Apple, pumpkin, chocolate, where the favorites plus cheese cake and maybe some cake from the store just in case there wasn’t enough, ice cream espresso and American coffee, etc. etc. etc. She was known has the “Dessert Queen”. When it came to slicing the pies and some people wanted a sliver, there was only her cut or nothing.


Took her to a couple of Buffalo Bills football games, unfortunately she had become a Washington Redskin fan all dressed in their color with a cheerleading flag on a pole. She stood out in the crowd but our first game was on the last row in nose bleed altitude so nobody paid much attention. On another occasion on Monday night football and we where in a lower row she claimed always that the guy in back of her was pulling her seat cushion back. She was constantly whispering to me that she was going to turn around and give him what’s what.

Besides enjoining what her three kids did, when a grandchild was born those where some of the best days of her life.


Loved being with her closest friends for breakfast, “The Breakfast Club” we were known at local restaurants always picking a different one from month to month.

Loved going to our friend’s cottage in the summer back in the ‘60s through the ‘80s, fishing and boating the days away.

Recently semi enjoyed having our own cottage; unfortunately she was with us only three years so she didn’t get to relax except when we got together with families around a bon fire telling stories, jokes and eating marshmallows and chocolate smores.


Country singers and their music; every time she saw one on TV she would remind me that she had seen that singer in person when they where nobody. I would nod and say “ok hon.”

Loved reading books [Danielle Steele and Adriana Trigiani]

Loved any crime show there is on TV, Blue Bloods, etc. I would tell her that she liked anything that involved murder and mayhem.

Loved the Washington Redskin “hogs”.

Loved to go to her kids sporting events and later the grandkids events; soccer, football, baseball, wrestling and swimming. You could hear her shouts or cow bell ringing on many occasions.


Made any occasion the very best especially birthdays etc.etc.etc.

Any new friends she met she made them part of her family.

She had a spunky feisty personality; never backed down from an argument.

The most fun, loving and amazing person ever.

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